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Applegate Valley Connect is aligned with a statewide effort—conceived by Community Systems LLC and funded by The Ford Family Foundation—to promote community and communication in rural areas.

With support from community volunteers, Applegate Valley Connect became a joint project of the Applegater Newsmagazine (Applegate Valley Community Newspaper, Inc.) and A Greater Applegate (formerly called the Greater Applegate Community Development Corporation), two nonprofit organizations with long histories of community service.

The Applegate Valley is defined by the Applegate River, which flows from its headwaters in the Siskiyou Mountains of Jackson County to its confluence with the Rogue River in Josephine County. The river has numerous tributary streams, including Little Applegate River, China Gulch Creek, Forest Creek, Humbug Creek, Sterling Creek, Thompson Creek, Williams Creek, and others. Neighborhoods along each of these tributaries are both distinct and part of the larger Applegate Valley community. Individuals from a broad cross-section of these neighborhoods came together to volunteer their time and expertise to form Applegate Valley Connect and create this website. If you’d like to join in this ongoing effort, contact us here.

Our Purpose

The Applegate Valley is a collection of unincorporated neighborhoods along the Applegate River and its tributaries. This website is a communication and resource hub for all residents of the valley to:

  • learn more about their neighbors and neighboring communities.
  • foster greater community involvement.
  • encourage local economic activity.
  • promote greater self-reliance.

The intent of this website is to become the primary connection and source of information about what’s going on, where you can find services, and who’s doing what throughout the Applegate Valley. Our goal is to strengthen the network among Applegate Valley neighbors, visitors, businesses, nonprofit organizations, and government officials and work toward a more informed and connected regional community.

Our History

The Applegate Valley, originally home to several Native American tribes, was first settled by Europeans in the 1850s. Farmers, ranchers, miners, and loggers were drawn to the valley’s rich resources and surrounding mountains. While those occupations remain, more recently the valley has become a prominent wine and cannabis-growing region and a mecca for outdoor recreation enthusiasts. It offers a tranquil retreat for retirees, an inviting place for young families, and is home to many who commute to Rogue Valley cities or telecommute for companies all over the country.

Since 1996, the nonprofit Applegater Newsmagazine, mailed quarterly to all residents of the Applegate Valley, has been a significant voice in the Applegate. Written by community members, articles reflect the wide-ranging interests and views of valley residents. In the Applegater you’ll find reports on new trails, hikes, and other recreation activities; wineries; gardening; nature; dueling views on public policy issues; farm-to-table events; celestial events; book and movie reviews, and more. The Applegater is supported by advertising revenue and tax-deductible donations. Visit the Applegater here.

A Greater Applegate, formerly known as the Greater Applegate Community Development Corporation (GACDC), is a nonprofit corporation formed in 1996 to save and manage Jackson County’s Cantrall Buckley Park. As part of its mission to support economic and social activities that help sustain the livability of our community, A Greater Applegate has worked on projects such as the Applegate Directory, a buy local campaign, a biomass project, and a fire plan survey. To learn more and become involved in A Greater Applegate, click here.

Both 501(c)(3) organizations gratefully accept online donations on their websites.

Our Vision

To foster a more vibrant, engaged, healthy, and economically sustainable Applegate Valley community.

Values and Principles

We are committed to working together to build a vibrant community by facilitating communication among the residents and businesses of the Applegate Valley.

What we do

We provide a tool for the community to share information about:

  • programs, projects, and events that enhance the quality of life for Applegate Valley residents and create a healthy, vibrant community.
  • economic development, tourism, and preservation of our local history.

How to join in and participate

Click on any icon to view additional information, or register free to add events to the community calendar, business information to the community directory, or submit projects, news, and stories.